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1) J.J. Snacks Confectionery & All Fect Distributors, Lidcombe.

“We have advertised with ABD for well over 8 years, and now we are enjoying the
benefits of the online discount coupons.

We are pleased to say that the level of the business generated from our advert
secured return on investment tenfold.
I would strongly recommend advertising in the ODC as it is the only one of its kind.
Other directories with online capabilities only provide you with the address and
contact number of the business.

ODC designed our advert from scratch. It also gave us a hyperlink to our own website.
This boosts our daily hit-rate and producing fantastic results.

My advice is that if you miss it, you’ll miss out!
Fred Essay, Managing Director.

2)  Gregory Jewelry, Westfield Shopping Centres.

“ODC Management and Staff! “I would like to congratulate and thank you for the effort
you put to making such successful website. We have benefited greatly from being
featured over the last 3 years.
Keep up the good work!”

Chris Gregory, Managing Director.

3) G & V Imaging, Australia Largest Camera Store, Sydney

“Online Discount Coupons! Thank you Guys for your prompt service, personal account
management and attention to detail in dealing with us. We continue to see the ongoing
benefits of being a part of your website brings. Thanks once again”.

George Tovoukjian, Managing Director.

4) Liberty Funerals  Auburn

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity of accessing business via your effective website
 It is not often that we can see the tangible results of advertising, but with ABD the results
speak themselves. Thanks for your dedication and understanding in designing our advert.
ODC has worked very well for us”.

Sam Koura, Marketing Manager.


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