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How Do Coupons Benefit My Business?


Coupons do benefit your business, while our Marketing & Promotions Department
Is providing the following services:

  1. Our Calls Centre will call most of your Area’s Residences to inform them of your Online Discount Coupon’s offer.
  2. Our Sales Teams are visiting all kinds of Businesses in all areas during the whole year introducing to them
  3. We are sending a weekly massive Direct Mailing Fliers to the businesses promoting Online Discount Coupons & offering them Maximum discounts & best services.
  4. Our Sales Team placing Stickers at all Main Entry Doors of all businesses have joined us to inform their Visitors or Clients of their Discount Coupon’s offer.
  5. We have contracted a professional Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing Company to take care of our website Search Engine’s Rank & ensure that our website is within the first page of any Online Discount Coupon search result.
  6. We are planning to place large Banners of the sizes (4m x 2m) at many main Roads & Highways advertising our website and inviting both the Consumers and Businesses to benefit from the Online Discount Coupons.
  7. We will organize a yearly Campaign at the end of every financial year on Radios & Local newspapers promoting the benefits of our website  to both Consumers & Businesses.
  8. We will offer our valuable Clients at the annual membership renewal’s stage VIP Platinum Discount Plastic Cards to be used  for saving money at any time they use other Businesses Colleagues’ Services.
    And much more………………………….

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